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Manon de Bont | Architects is an architectural studio based in Berlin. A studio with over 10 years’ experience in a variety of different projects, which can support your renovation, rebuild or newly build from start to finish. We pride ourselves in our personal and individual approach, and would be happy to have an initial conversation to explore the options available to you.


The majority of our clients are individuals, with whom we work to realise their dream house or apartment. After listening carefully to our clients, we tailor each project to the specific needs, finding the best solution for the particular design wishes. We pay a lot of attention to details and design, and always keep in mind the practical purpose of all spaces.

Manon de Bont | Architects has an extensive skill set  – we will work with you from the first sketch to providing construction supervision. Everything you need in order to create your perfect home, in one place.

Because of our experience in the field, we have built a vast network of trusted organisations across all the different disciplines you might need when renovating or (re)building your house. We have good working relationships with contractors, constructors, interior designers and furniture makers - all collaborating with the aim to deliver your project to a high standard and provide the end result you want. 


Two large empty spaces and a wish list, that's how we started with this project in Amsterdam. A blank canvas and a great opportunity for a complete new design. 

A design in which we have kept the apartment as open and spacious as possible, to create an open plan ‘loft’ feeling.

A momumental mansion close to the city centre of Haarlem in the Netherlands, where the ground floor has been given a new design.

Formerly, the floorplan was old fashioned and closed. By implementing a few changes, the ground floor changed into a spacious and bright area, just what the clients wished for.

A few spaces within an old school building were transformed into a beautiful family home for five people.

Through intelligent design which focused on accentuating the key features which were the high ceilings, we were successful in creating expansive spaces within the home. 

This project meets the unique needs of this family of five perfectly.