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This monumental mansion, close to the city centre of Haarlem in the Netherlands, lacked a proper connection of the living spaces with the ground floor garden, since the kitchen and living room were situated on the first floor.


Manon de Bont | Architects made a design for adjustments to the ground floor, by changing the lay-out and opening up the back facade, creating space for a large open kitchen and a dining space directly connected to the garden. With good weather, by opening the large double doors, the kitchen, dining room and garden become one.


In the side room, a play-room was created. By omitting doors and instead having a large archway between the two spaces, the floorplan has become open and spacious.


The kitchen is positioned at the front of the house, where a wide window seat was added – now the perfect place for a morning coffee.


The new windows and doors in the back facade follow the existing rhythm of the upper floors. In that way, the implemented changes, feel very natural.


Monumental house



The Netherlands

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