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An inner-city apartment (built in 1905) just off the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, was completely renovated to suit the needs of a young professional couple and their kids. The new kitchen has been placed centrally in the apartment, establishing itself as the heart of the house. To create a source of natural light for the kitchen, a large window was placed between it and bedroom.


In the children’s bedroom, a large, bespoke, wall-covering piece of furniture was designed, with built- in wardrobes, ample storage and a work and play space for the kids. By retaining some open elements, these can be repurposed for displaying art work or as additional storage space. The big work and play space close to the window makes this a beloved room to be in for the whole family.


The renovation aimed to retain original details, such as the wooden floors, original doors and ornamental ceilings, which are visible throughout the apartment. These are contrasted by new modern design in the kitchen and the bathrooms. A well-balanced combination, making an 'old' apartment suited to modern needs.






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